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T’dash is a group company of erex Co.,Ltd., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime MarketAppWebTitle

* erex HP <https://www.erex.co.jp/>AppWebTitle

Procuring electric power utilizing its own channels!AppWebOurStrengthLabel

erex Group provides a stable supply of lower-price electric power by thoroughly eliminating unnecessary costs through its own power generation, surplus power purchase, and power trading businesses.AppWebOurStrengthLabel


A "long-established" New Power Company!AppWebOurStrengthLabel

It is the 3rd New PPS (Power Producers and Suppliers) in terms of the timing of registration, listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that started on the road to growth together with the liberalization of electric power in 2000. erex Group has been providing a stable supply of electric power for more than 20 years, with a diverse track record including public offices, factories, buildings, shops, and households.AppWebOurStrengthLabel

Japan’s largest level biomass power generation!AppWebOurStrengthLabel

Japan’s largest level biomass power generation! erex Group is engaged in biomass power generation, a renewable energy that is friendly to the future of the earth. Its biomass power generation using PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) is the largest level in Japan with a capacity of 220,000kW [*]!
*As of July 2020, it is equivalent to approximately 500,000 general households.

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